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Cellulite Treatment For Men and Women

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Cellulite is a cosmetic concern that appears as a dimpling of the skin, usually on the thighs and buttocks. It is caused by deposits of fat that push against the connective tissue or fibrous bands called septae beneath the skin. Cellulite is not a health concern but can be a source of insecurity for many women.

Several factors can contribute to the development of cellulite:

Age: Our skin loses some elasticity as we age, making cellulite more apparent. As women age, they also lose muscle mass, contributing further to the appearance of cellulite as muscle is lost and fat becomes more visible. It’s critical to remain physically active as you age, whether it’s through cardio or weight training.

Genetics: Your genes are responsible for how fast your metabolism functions, how fat is distributed, and the efficacy of your circulation or lymphatic drainage system. In addition, cellulite appears to be more common in some races. Although cellulite affects women of all races, it is more common among white, European ethnic groups.

Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes, such as those that occur during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, can also contribute to cellulite. Estrogen, the three thyroid hormones (T3, Thyroxin, T4), insulin, noradrenaline, and prolactin are all involved in cellulite formation.

Dehydration: Dehydration can make cellulite more pronounced.

Diet and Exercise: An unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle is one of the contributors to cellulite development.


Grade 1: There is no visible dimpling even when skin is pinched, but there are changes to the dermis taking place.

Grade 2: There is no visible dimpling when the skin is at rest. But when the skin is pinched, there might be some dimpling.

Grade 3: Cellulite is more visible in this grade. The skin might have a cottage cheese appearance. When the skin is pinched, there will be definite dimpled skin, but it goes away when lying down.

Grade 4: This is the most severe form of cellulite. The skin always has a cottage cheese appearance, and there are deep dimples with hardening of the skin.


Acoustic wave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses high-frequency sound waves to break up the stubborn fat cells that cause cellulite.  The sound waves are delivered through a handheld device placed on the skin. 

The procedure enhances appearance and treats cellulite through four distinct mechanisms:

-Fat Cell Reduction: Sound waves target and break down fat pockets, effectively destroying some of the fat cells, leading to a smoother contour.

-Dimpling Reduction: By breaking the fibrous tethers that pull on the skin's surface, the procedure reduces the dimpling effect often associated with cellulite.

-Collagen Production: The sound waves stimulate collagen production, essential for maintaining skin elasticity and strength.

-Improved Blood Flow and Skin Thickness: Enhanced blood flow to the skin's basement membrane increases as a result of the treatment, thickening the skin and diminishing the appearance of cellulite for a more even and toned look.


Cellulite affects women more often than men because men have a different distribution of fat, muscle, and connective tissue. For example, men tend to have less subcutaneous fat, the type of fat that causes cellulite. Additionally, the septae (the connective tissue that holds the fat in place) in men are oriented in a way that prevents them from bulging and creating the appearance of dimples.

Although most men are free from cellulite, this does not imply that they are entirely immune. As men age, estrogen levels rise; this, along with weight gain and lack of exercise, can also cause cellulite development in men

How can AWT be used to reduce Cellulite.

Acoustic wave therapy is extremely versatile. It’s used to treat cellulite and to promote smoother results after liposuction or other procedures. AWT was originally developed to treat injuries such as tendonitis and chronic pain in joints and muscles. People who tried it reported improvements in mobility and less pain, but they also saw a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. It can also be used “in conjunction with non-invasive fat destroying treatments, such as Cool Sculpting. AWT shows more impressive results at 30 days [especially when combined with one of these treatments] by speeding up the process, and many offices feel the overall results are more impressive following acoustic wave therapy.

Mechanism of Cellulite Reduction with AWT:

AWT targets cellulite by enhancing blood vessel formation, facilitating increased blood flow to deliver stem cells and nutrients for tissue healing. It disrupts hardened fibrous septae, restoring skin elasticity and promoting a smoother appearance. Additionally, AWT thickens the collagen layer in the dermis, restricting fat protrusion, and mechanically breaks down fat cells. Improved blood supply and lymphatic drainage further contribute to cellulite reduction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Does the Procedures take?

Each treatment will take approximately 20 minutes per body part. We recommend 2-3 treatments a week for a total of10 treatments.

Do the procedures hurt?

Not at all. The skin may feel warm during and for a brief period after the treatment. 

What areas can be treated?

Any area of the body can be treated. We commonly see changes on the buttock, thighs, and abdomen.

What else can be done to improve outcomes?

We have found there are three key factors to get the most out of your treatments:

Hydration - Stay hydrated after the treatment. If you are significantly dehydrated, getting an IV of Vitamin C may be a great solution to the problem.

Standing on our vibration plate after the treatment helps fat cells to continue to breakdown and will help flush toxins caused by the breakdown of adipose tissue.

Have your hormones checked. We know hormone imbalance leads to cellulite creation. Undergoing a hormone evaluation with one of our practitioners is a great way to guarantee the cellulite stays away.

What are the side effects of the treatment?

There are no major side effects associated with acoustic wave therapy. Some patients may experience temporary redness, swelling, or tenderness at the treatment site. Bruising occasionally occurs. These side effects should resolve within a few days.

Is There Any Downtime?

There is no downtime. There is occasional mild pain and bruising after the treatments 

How Long Do the Results Last?

The treatment lasts approximately 12 months. Many clients will come to the clinic on a regular basis to treat problem areas.

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