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Vampire Breast Lift®

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Embrace a revolutionary approach to breast enhancement with the Vampire Breast Lift®, a non-surgical procedure leveraging the natural regenerative power of your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Tailored to enhance the shape, fullness, and texture of your breasts without the need for implants, this innovative treatment promises a refreshed, youthful appearance with minimal downtime!

Unlock the secret to enhanced natural beauty and confidence with the Vampire Breast Lift®.

Here are the benefits of the Vampire Breast Lift®:

- Natural Enhancement: Utilizes your body's own PRP for a fuller, rounder, and lifted breast appearance.

- Improved Shape and Cleavage: Specifically designed to enhance the natural shape of the breast and cleavage area (i.e the double bubble).

- Youthful Skin Texture: Promotes a smoother, rejuvenated skin surface on the breasts.

- Corrects Irregularities: Effective in addressing shape irregularities from previous implant procedures.

- Sensory Improvement: Can restore nipple sensation often diminished after breastfeeding or implant surgery.

- Minimal Downtime: Return to your daily activities immediately with no significant recovery period.

- Safety Assured: No increased risk of breast cancer with required up-to-date mammogram for client safety.

The Vampire Breast Lift® is a trademarked procedure that is standardized by those licensed to perform it. Many offices, including some in the Ocala area offer similar procedures, but have not been trained by the creator of the procedure, Dr. Charles Runels.

Experience the transformative benefits of the Vampire Breast Lift® and discover a renewed sense of beauty and self-assurance. With visible improvements in breast fullness, cleavage, and skin texture, this procedure stands as a testament to modern aesthetic innovation. Don't let another day pass without exploring how this treatment can illuminate your natural beauty. Schedule your consultation with us today and step into a new era of cosmetic enhancement.

Vampire Breast Lift® Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Vampire Breast Lift®?

The Vampire Breast Lift® is a pioneering, non-surgical procedure that utilizes the regenerative capabilities of your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of the breasts. After a simple blood draw, your platelets are concentrated through a specialized centrifugation process. These platelets are then reintroduced to the breast area, targeting the fatty tissue which is highly responsive to PRP's growth factors. This results in a fuller, rounder, and lifted appearance of the breasts, alongside a smoother, refreshed, and more youthful skin texture. It's important to note that this procedure is not a substitute for implants but serves as an enhancement for breast shape and cleavage. The Vampire Breast Lift® is a trademarked and standardized procedure, ensuring consistent quality and results when performed by licensed practitioners trained by the procedure's creator, Dr. Charles Runels.

Benefits of the Vampire Breast Lift®

• Improvement of the roundness and fullness of the breast

• Enhanced Cleavage

• Refreshed and younger appearance to the skin of the breast.

• Can be used to improve shape irregularities from breast implants

(i.e the double bubble)

How Long Does the Vampire Breast Lift® Procedure Take?

The Vampire Breast Lift® procedure takes approximately 60 minutes.

Does the Vampire Breast Lift® hurt?

No! A very strong topical anesthetic is used to numb the skin prior to the procedure. This allows for a painless procedure

Is There Any Downtime?

There is no downtime. Your breast may be sore for 24-48 hours. We suggest you wear a sports bra for support and compression. You can return to work and normal physical activity immediately following the procedure.

Are There Any Side Effects of the Vampire Breast Lift ®?

Side effects are minimal to none, other than some occasional bruising.

Does The Procedure Lead To And Increased Risk Of Breast Cancer?

NO!! Studies show the risk of breast cancer following the procedure is no higher than the general population. We do require the client be up to date on their mammogram prior to the procedure.

How Long Does the Vampire Breast Lift® Last

The treatment typically lasts approximately 12-18 months (about 1 and a half years).

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